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Style furniture, together with internationally renowned designers to create a better future

In recent years, the five concepts of innovation, coordination, green, opening and sharing have been guiding the development of the state and society, and the innovation has been extended as the first power to lead the development. A place and an enterprise should break through the bottleneck of development and solve the deep-seated contradictions and problems. The fundamental way out lies in innovation.
Shenzhen as the only time beyond Silicon Valley in Tokyo, the first of the second global China city of innovation, it is to change rapidly changes to show the world a new style and new attitude; in addition, Shenzhen China as the vanguard of reform and opening up, it has a historical opportunity richly endowed by nature, after several decades of development, Shenzhen has become a “design, creating city”.
Shenzhen furniture enterprises after 30 years of wind and rain course, has become a leading Chinese furniture industry weathervane. With the impact and baptism of the furniture industry transformation and upgrading, we need to turn our attention to a more long-term direction – Design innovation. To return to the development of furniture industry, only product design and mode innovation can ensure the power and value of sustainable development of enterprises.
August 28, 2017 is an extraordinary day. It is not only China’s Valentine’s day, but also the day of strategic cooperation between the style furniture and the international design federation.
On this day, Anttila Jonas, renowned designer Tapio Hakaniemi and Shushanik Kostandian arrived in Shenzhen city furniture pioneer style furniture, furniture style is a warm welcome, on both sides to the design concept, design resources, product quality, sales model for the exchange and learning depth; at the same time, the two sides also for cooperation put forward their own expectations, both sides hope that through this cooperation, whether it is to get a good fusion and improving the design idea and design pursuit.

The main competitive power of custom furniture in the future is

“Customization” is one of the most talked about topics in furniture industry in recent years. Among them, the focus of discussion includes the whole house customization, customization platform, furniture integration and other topics. Industry attention has also attracted capital, customized furniture brands, many furniture enterprises in Shenzhen launched a special custom service. But there have also been a voice, “custom” furniture is what is the real demand, or is it just the current housing development lack of standardization module, which derives from the downstream industry chain, the future development of custom furniture strategy? How is it?
Difficult to meet the diversified consumer demand, differentiated into a breakthrough direction
Now most of the enterprises on the market do custom are “left”, the lack of basic skills, is still used for batch production in the past, “custom” for them is based on the size, color change. This simple, less personalized customization does not meet consumer demand for increasingly diverse consumer.
Customized to meet the needs of the individual consumer, different from the traditional large-scale industrial production, it requires software, technology, data support, but also rely on strong design capabilities and production supply system. When the relevant technical support can not be guaranteed when the customization process is easy to appear the production cycle is too long, the product was disfigured, installation is not fine, the overall color style collocation etc..
With the development of society, Chinese main consumer tastes are changing, they began to want to customize and unique way to reveal its identity and way of life, they need to be able to self reflect, aesthetic taste and culture products. Therefore, in the product, image, promotion model and advertising homogenization of the times, home enterprises want to impress consumers, access to recognition, to ensure that their services and design differentiation is the key to break through.

Dixon furniture: with orange red to create Home Furnishing warm Guardian

People are visual animals, very sensitive to color, the objective existence of different colors, through sensory organs, will have different psychological and physiological effects on people. For example, red, orange and yellow can make people warm and warm, so they are called warm colors. While white, blue and blue can make people feel cool and cool, so they are called cold tones.
The application of color can be said to be a university, especially in the living space closely related to people’s lives. The influence of color on people can be said to be very obvious, so it needs to be more careful.
In interior design, the collocation of colors is a test of designers’ abilities, especially some of the more intense “alternative colors”, such as orange red.
As red and orange two high brightness warm orange color with expressive force of offspring, more strongly than the parent, so it is also called “the most active color”. But because of its strong visual impact, it is difficult to match a harmonious and fashionable space. Recently, Dixon furniture chairman and chief designer Mr. Liang Shaoxi will have a use of color to his home design, to create a warm Home Furnishing space with orange color as the theme of the sunrise illusion.
Just like the name of this design is the same, “sunrise Dixon mirage” color collocation from the sunrise of the East impression.

Enjoy the beauty of slow life, Qu Qu for you to create Nordic space

“The day before the color becomes slow / car, horse, mail is slow / life can only love a person heart” this poem is much loved by the people, it is a description of a slow life to our picture. And this simple romantic life is fading away.
“Time is life, time is money” is transformed into the era of its golden laws and precious rules, so many people wearing time chains, and lost ability to enjoy life. As the Beatles member John Lennon said: “when we are constantly on the run for life, life has gone away from us.”
In the fast-paced life torrent art, Sibutramine is committed to the construction of the slow life beautiful blueprint for the public, let the pace a bit slower, make life more comfortable and slow down to enjoy life and beautiful.
You +, also poetic
A cup of tea, a cup of coffee, a delicate dessert, a plants flowers and these romantic images are put into your life + museum. A cup of tea, a book, stolen half a day idle. The beauty of life is revealed in such a soft time. And such a slow life scene, is the “you + living museum” staged repeatedly.
Here, you can be about 35 friends, free talk, rest, or even work; you can also drink free Fresh Ground Coffee, while capturing light and shadow in the book, a quiet afternoon of time. Whether it is constantly on the run of urban white-collar workers, or daytime entrepreneurs, or time surplus of housewives, retirees, here is not the traditional sense of the furniture store, but can make people slow down, enjoy a good place for leisure time.
In “you +”, the pace slowed down, and the traditional nervous shopping model was replaced by an easy, slow way of spending. To enjoy the relaxed consumption of more than QuMei, also lead people to return to the essence of life, slow down, slow life simple and quiet feeling.
Slow down and feel the Nordic mood
As a rubber band stretched too tight will be broken, people did not. People need to find a balance between fast work and slow life, and find a rhythm that suits their life best. Grasp the pace of life, work efficiently and live at ease. And that’s what he wants to give the public a reminder of a better lifestyle.

Two big technical traps of rosewood furniture

How to avoid the trap of technology in front of unscrupulous businessmen set up this problem, how to choose a good piece of mahogany furniture is obviously a follow-up question, because once in the previous issue of “bad”, choose the furniture has become a mirage foam. Therefore, in this regard, the market for common mahogany furniture technical traps, “Oriental mahogany”, to remind consumers to buy mahogany furniture should be particularly careful.
A big trap: mortise and tenon structure
Mortise and tenon structure is the basis of assembling a mahogany furniture. If there is no precise mortise and tenon structure, then the mahogany furniture is like a person who has lost his bones and has no support. And if a mahogany furniture has a good mortise and tenon structure, this piece of furniture can last thousands of years without a bad one.
In the mahogany furniture market, driven by some bad business interests, the interests of consumers to ignore. In order to save labour and materials, they used false mortise instead of mortise mortise. Because the mortise and tenon structure is hidden in the interior of the furniture, it can not be seen outside, thus causing many consumers to suffer losses”.
True T-shaped structure
Use of a wide range of T-shaped structure, connection to table or cabinet Cheng and legs, small bed curtains, table flower teeth can save material, are useful to.

Business 12 years, a good home KELONG shop yesterday shut down

For hundreds of years, a brochure with a rummage sale was posted on the square, along the wall and on the wall, in front of the KELONG road shop.
Yesterday, the KELONG road is a century old home store, operating in 12 years after the official stop business. It is understood that, after the mall announced that, because of the square operating format adjustment, the company decided to study, a good home Chengdu KELONG shop will be in August 31, 2017 “counter lease contract” expired after the opening of business. Reporters yesterday from the field of business department learned that the mall has 40 days left to the business processing of goods, the public can still buy furniture to October 10th.
“2 Zheqi sale” clearance
Future or transformation commercial complex
Yesterday morning, the reporter saw in the HOBA Home Furnishing KELONG Road, and square in front of the mall on the walls, there are posted audience 2 fold leaflets, even so, customers are still scanty. There is a letter to the customer “book” mall entrance, that is released in July 14th this year, and from the date of publication will set up a special customer reception, processing mall members redeem, buy goods after delivery, the warranty period of goods customer service etc.. “Inform customers,” said that after the cessation of business, the mall member points exchange service will also be closed; if there is still unfinished business after the transaction, you can call, there will be someone to receive the solution.
Most of the goods are on sale and some are on sale at half price.” A businessman told reporters, as shopping malls ready to transition, businesses are also engaged in various clearance discounts. Another mall staff revealed that the future shopping malls may transition commercial complex, including restaurants, supermarkets and so on.

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